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Judaica Israel is a Online big company which has been manufacturing and selling Judaica in Israel and worldwide since 2013. While ISL has been Manufacturing and selling since 1989. 聽

ISL聽 has set its鈥 focus on preserving the relationship between Diaspora Jewry, the land of Israel and the Jewish tradition. We work tirelessly toward that end by creating a range of products, accessories and popular Jewish art that is both beautiful and visionary, all originating from the Land of Israel.

ISL ‘s Judaica enterprise affords Israeli artists the opportunity to materialize their creations and reach Jewish homes worldwide quickly, efficiently and at affordable prices.

The continuity of the Jewish tradition ceremonial聽 is important to us all, and at ISL we strive to deliver the Jewish spirit directly from the source – the Land of Israel and Jerusalem.

Why Choose Us?

As one of the largest standing comprehensive Jewish gift and shopping Art Judaica website, we know that we have an obligation to carry the items you love and deliver them to you quickly.

That鈥檚 why we recently teamed up with the聽 giant Commerce Group and relaunched as Art Judaica Israel. Now, we are proud to ship all of your favorite gifts and other items out of our two U.S. A or World based warehouses. That means you don’t have to wait for your order to clear customs or for slow international shipping.

You Will Get

  • World’s Largest Selection
  • Wedding Registry
  • Rewards Program
  • Judaica Gives Back

What A Amazing聽 Beginning OF us, Right?聽

Before describing Can we look at our earlier days? We look back with a smile on the days when we sent out print catalogs and took solely telephone orders. It was such an exciting time when we launched our first web presence. Many have been loyal customers for more than 20 years through our previous changes. For that we are grateful and happy for it

We have already gained 10 thousands plus beloved clients as art Judaica store. What hasn鈥檛 changed is our commitment to quality and customer service. On our Art Judaica website, you鈥檒l find here every Judaica gift, Jewish Gifts, Kippah, mezuzah, washing cups, wholesale, Yavne, menorah, and anything as per your desire, you can imagine and some you can鈥檛. Whether it’s challah covers, Kiddush cups, Jewish books, tzedakah boxes, or Seder plates, we have the perfect pieces of art and soul to help you celebrate. See what鈥檚 trending in Jewish wedding gifts and jewelry, browse our collection of children鈥檚 toys and infuse some Jewish loving鈥 into your house with our home goods collection.

Jewish Gifts Online Store Easy Way to Get in Touch

What is Jewish art and Jewish gifts? Fanciful, Sometimes funny. Jewish artists from around the world use different mediums to tell their Jewish stories. It is eye candy for your home!

ISL Judaica Israel encourages people to express themselves. Our beautiful collection of Jewish art by some of the world鈥檚 most prominent Jewish artists will help inspire Jewish ideas in your home. Nothing can bring the Holy Land, the High Holidays or the Hebrew alphabet into your home like a piece of Jewish art.

Whether it鈥檚 a Danny Azoulay, Rachel Durlacher or Shraga Weil, our art captures the evolutionary Jewish experience in a modern-day explosion of color and sophistication that will tickle your eyes and soothe your soul. There鈥檚 a fusion of culture and creativity in every work of art we carry. Good luck trying just to browse.

Our forcefully promise is to continuously improve product and delivery. We want to hear from you. Contact us聽to let us know how we鈥檙e doing.

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